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CMS (content management system) - If the client wishes, we can provide a CMS system which enables the client to administer changes to their website themselves via an easy-to-use web interface from the clients browser. This system will not allow the client to change the overall layout and style of the website but will allow textual and some image placement changes. Because this is another system interface that has to be built and installed there is an additional charge for this service except ecommerce solutions which already have elements of CMS built in.

With CMS there is no need to contact us when you require the simplest change made, and of course no additional charge. Although we sell our own CMS system we would always recommend that content management be carried out by ourselves as it is quick, reliable and if there are problems we have to solve them under our standard maintenance agreement.

We launched our content management system in direct response to the demand from some clients that require complete control of their website content. The overall difference in cost over the year, in most cases, is negligible between paying us to make changes or to make changes via CMS.

We offer both a standard CMS installation, which covers most business requirements, as well as an advanced installation which is intended as a more complex community board style CMS service.

If you wish to have complete control of the content of your website as well as the design of your website then try our new Web Builder product. You can build your own website with unlimited pages! all for only £195!! - click here to find out more.


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